Google cloud VMs get more flexibility, Skylake processors

June 5, 2017

This week, Google became the first public cloud to make Intel's next-generation Skylake Xeon processors available to customers. A unique feature to Google is its Custom Machine Types, which provides custom VMs with vCPUs and memory rations within certain limitations. The addition of the Skylake processors, allows customers to select different processor types for their Google cloud VMs, which allows a potentially cheaper option for workloads with less intensive demands.

The ability to match instances to computing tasks should ultimately help fine-tune deployments and save money, said Dave Tucker, senior vice president of product development at Workiva , a financial services software provider in Ames, Iowa.

"As we build out an increasingly robust set of microservices, we are naturally finding that some services are more specialized and compute-intensive than others," Tucker said.

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