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Work Where You Work Best


This month, as graduates walk across the stage and into the workforce, Gen-Z is poised to overtake the Boomer generation as the third largest group of full-time employees. With this shift comes a new set of values that will ultimately shape workplace expectations, culture, and compensation. However, according to Forbes, flexible work options, mental health support, and DE&I programs transcend any divide to rank as the most important benefits for job satisfaction across all generations.

With a diverse employee base spread across the globe, Workiva is constantly evolving and improving the company’s workplace environment for employees to feel comfortable bringing their best, authentic self to work everyday. This steadfast pursuit has earned the company a place on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women and Millennials separately, and Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces for Parents.

Work Where You Work Best
Flexibility is inclusive. Workiva’s "Work Where You Work Best” approach is a pillar of the company’s award-winning culture. It offers unique flexibility that attracts and retains talent across diverse and otherwise harder-to-reach talent pools. Currently, 60% of Workiva employees are in fully remote jobs. To build a strong sense of community amongst the majority remote teams, the company maintains 19 office locations globally, leverages a suite of collaboration tools and technologies, and hosts year-round in-person events. Workiva also offers employees the ability to relocate to another area within their country of residence at will, work outside of their country of residence for up to 25 business days per year, and request to relocate to another country where Workiva operates.

Wellbeing Fuels Innovation
If we're going to accomplish big things, we have to first take care of ourselves. To help employees accomplish this, Workiva offers company-wide Quarterly Wellbeing Days and recently added additional paid flex days (above paid time off and holidays) that can be used to best meet individual needs throughout the year. This newly expanded benefit is just one of many other resources available to support employee well-being, including Modern Health, a digital platform for mental wellness resources, and an Employee Assistance Program that provides free coaching and counseling services for employees and their families. When people are enabled to feel their best, they can be at their best.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
To ensure that principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are woven into the company culture and are recognized as key aspects of business success, Workiva launched the DEIB Task Force and seven Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) with a goal of 40% employee participation by 2025.
Currently, seven BERGs (Asian, Black, Hispanic & Latino, Disabilities, Rainbow (LQBTQ+), Veterans, and Women) support different communities within Workiva. These teams help foster a community for employees with shared life experiences or characteristics, amplify marginalized voices, and provide perspective and insight to support business initiatives and drive Workiva’s growth. All year-round, BERGs host a variety of events to connect with employees in more meaningful conversations and activities. 

Innovation thrives when people feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard, which is why Workiva continues to invest in its people and culture as an essential part of company growth.

“Because we understand that employees' needs and expectations are always evolving, we continue to prioritize making enhancements that employees have told us would help them the most”, says Emily Forrester, SVP, People and Culture, Workiva.

For more information on Workiva’s benefits, please visit Workiva’s Benefits and Perks site.