Change and Growth for Downtown Bozeman

May 3, 2016

Over the years downtown Bozeman seen huge growth, bringing in new businesses and diversity.

“There are some overlaps between the past and the future,” Fontenot said. “As those industries and those natural resource intensive industries go away and alternatives are found to replace those things. How are we as a community responding to that change?”

Now Bozeman's economy is turning a corner, bringing in new sources of revenue to support the city. One of the biggest being tech companies moving to Bozeman.

“So people that file their 10k's, their 10q's and a lot of the regulatory things that they have to do, we try to make that really easy for them to do that,” explained Jeff Trom, chief Technology Officer for Workiva. “That's what we're all about so we're kind of changing the game."

Workiva employs 75 workers in Bozeman. This also means these employees are pouring back into downtown's economy when they go out for lunch or shopping on breaks.

“We also have a lot of people in from out of town,” Trom said. “So we may have anywhere from five to ten or fifteen people a week that come into this office and they stay at the local hotels.”

Although new business are taking over some of the spots that Bozeman residents hold dear, not everything has changed.

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