How the Wdesk Mobile App Helps You Stay Connected

December 16, 2016

Both minuscule and enormous projects with extensive teams can become bogged down by a logjam of seemingly minor delays. From waiting for file access approval, to a simple 'okay' on the latest revision of a document, these focused tasks can eat up your team's productivity throughout the day.

The Wdesk mobile application offers an opportunity for team members to stay connected without being disrupted by common technology delays. By harnessing the the mobile devices we carry on a daily basis, financial reporting software like Wdesk allows employees to stay in communication and to work fluidly with their teams in any location at any time.

With Wdesk Mobile, you can streamline operations by requesting document permissions, seeing tasks that are coming due, and asking a question with a directed comment. Receive email and mobile app notifications for each directed comment or perhaps a daily email digest, if that's more your style. This is the positive aspect of connection rather than the burden of responsibility.


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