The Hard Facts of Software

October 17, 2016

Erik Petersen, product development manager at Workiva, led Sault Ste. Marie's first Spikeathon at Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Center (SSMIC) on Saturday.

The event's goal is to help computer software developers and programmers in the city. Thirteen people worked with Petersen over 12 hours. Participants needed to bring a software application and programming experience.

“We're excited about the potential to strengthen and support this group in the community,” said Angela Corcoran, manager of marketing and communications of SSMIC.

Workiva believes that a company thrives when its people thrive. Happier people make better products and services. In turn, they build stronger, more resilient companies.

One of the biggest indicators of a vibrant workplace culture is the willingness of a company to place more value on its people than on process. This people-centric view can be thought of as the “people economy,” a term that acknowledges the vital role individuals play in organizational success.

By taking an active role in the people economy, organizations can cultivate a workforce that feels valued, challenged, and fulfilled. And that’s good for everyone.


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