A Government in Transition: From Documents to Data

February 10, 2017

In this blog for the Data Coalition, Senior Director of IP Strategy at Workiva, Dean Ritz, discusses the complexities behind transitioning from documents to data and the importance of a clearly defined DATA Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS).

The reason DAIMS will be transformative for how agencies report federal spending is because it was conceived with data interaction in mind. It has the ability to capture the kind of information needed so that machines (and their people) may receive, store, retrieve, transform, generate, and transmit the data.

The document-to-data transition doesn't solely revolve around putting information into a digital format, structured matter and data standards are important as well. The current version of DAIMS is a good beginning schema because it allows the federal government to transition from “what I look like” documents to “what I mean” data at the same time as institutions, businesses and individuals.

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