20 Amazing Tech Companies to Work For

July 14, 2017

From "20 Amazing Tech Companies to Work For," TheMuse.com

If you asked someone just a few decades ago to predict what one of the most booming career fields would be today, it's likely nobody would have said the tech industry.

But our world changes fast. And sure enough, tech companies are now some of the most successful, forward-thinking, and fastest growing companies in the world—as evidenced by the 20 awesome workplaces we’ve rounded up here.

As a result of our ever-changing landscape, these companies are all making big hires in their tech departments and beyond. So, if you’re eager to join the age of innovation, there’s never been a better time to dust off your resume, check out their open positions, and prepare to keep moving toward the future.

Workiva develops user-friendly, cloud-based solutions for data compilation, management, and analysis, offering tools that enable strategic, data-informed decision-making.

In order to keep growing and advancing, Workiva knows that it needs to foster a culture of fresh ideas. To do so, the company encourages team members to ask questions big and small. Additionally, Workiva invests heavily in professional development. From conferences to trainings, employees are empowered to grab the reins and grow their talents and careers.

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