Workiva Supports Open Data Within Federal Government

September 26, 2017

Sponsors Data Transparency 2017 Conference to Advance Data-Driven Management

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Workiva (NYSE:WK), a leading provider of solutions for enterprise productivity, will play a key role in today’s Data Transparency 2017, the largest open data conference on policy changes and programs to make government data more accessible and accountable by transitioning to digital, standardized formats.

“We want to improve the value of government data,” said Matt Rizai, Chairman and CEO of Workiva. “Policies that support open data create opportunities for the technology industry to help governments and agencies move from static paper documents to digital formats.”

Conference attendees will hear from more than 50 speakers from government agencies, the White House and Congress, as well as advocates and experts from technology companies and others in the private sector. Conference sessions will focus on ways to leverage technology to modernize compliance and explore potential benefits if the private sector were to voluntarily share and publish standardized data.

Chief among the conference topics is the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act), which requires the federal government to switch from a process of collecting spending information in disconnected documents and reports to an electronic process using a standardized, open-data format. This includes establishing consistent data standards for federal agencies, grantees and contractors, with the aim of increasing accountability over how federal funds are received, categorized and spent.

Joe Howell, Executive Vice President of Workiva, will introduce the conference, and Mike Starr, Workiva Vice President for Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, will lead a panel of congressional and agency experts to envision the future of open data within the federal government. Panelists will also discuss government-wide data standards, such as the Data Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS), and explore the connections between various other standards.

“Open data is taking over. New technologies are taking hold. Across government, compliance and the private sector, there’s a new eagerness to standardize previously unruly data sets, analyze them for game-changing insights and share them more widely,” said Hudson Hollister, Interim President of the Data Foundation. “Today's session at Data Transparency 2017 will lead attendees on a tour through all these changes.”

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The Data Foundation is the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization. We seek to define an open future for our data, for a better government and a better society, through research, education, and programming. For more information, visit

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