Workiva Wins 2017 Digital PR Award for Best Intranet

November 9, 2017

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On November 8, the 2017 Digital PR Awards luncheon was held to celebrate the organizations and people behind this year’s top digital initiatives. Workiva was recognized for modernizing the companies intranet and internal communications.

In order to meet the communications challenges of a growing organization, the Workiva Internal Communications team modernized the way employees interact with each other and with executive and management teams.

Workiva's intranet, CONNECT, is one of the ways it empowers employees by providing multiple forums for the dissemination of valuable company information.

CONNECT empowers employees by providing a forum for interaction and for the dissemination of valuable resources. CONNECT is a community that reflects present day social media sites, where users collaborate and engage with each other through blogs, customizable profiles and topic forums. CONNECT links all Workiva employees together, in real time.

Like traditional intranets, CONNECT provides the resources employees need, but it also is a social site that appeals to a younger, tech-savvy demographic, which is a large part of the company's employee base. Workiva Wallboards are TV monitors set up throughout all office spaces that broadcast information from CONNECT.

The goal of CONNECT is to empower employees by providing a forum for interaction and to effectively disseminate valuable resources. CONNECT is built in-house, and the site is constantly optimized for a better user experience. CONNECT is interactive and easy to use, and enables employees to have the same experience at work as they do with their personal, preferred social media platforms.

CONNECT houses company information in one location, and allows employees to engage internally. Employees can also access mission-critical business applications on CONNECT. Additionally, employees build culture by contributing blog posts, sharing photos, updating their profiles and voicing their opinions in forums.

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