Ames Ranked Among the Best Places for Millennials to Move in 2019

April 17, 2019, a research and ratings organization, released the findings of a study that determined the best places for millennials to move in 2019.

Using the criteria of low unemployment rates, high immigration flows, low housing costs and low rates of property crime, evaluated and compared 325 metro areas for inclusion on the list.

Ames, IA, home to the Workiva (NYSE:WK) corporate headquarters, ranked 4th overall on the list, and boasts the lowest unemployment rate (just 1.4%) of all the metro areas considered. notes that Ames has plenty of parks, golf courses and bike trails for outdoor lovers. There’s also a flourishing downtown scene for those who want to explore the city. And for artists looking to scratch their American Gothic itch, you can check out Grant Wood’s largest murals in the Iowa State University library. concludes, "Millennials don’t all have the same needs and wants, but there are a few things that may motivate this forward-thinking generation to move. With an emphasis on unemployment rates, migration flows, housing costs and property crime, we found places that provide a solid foundation for living—nightlife and culture are just the cherries on top."

Ames has been previously ranked among the Top 10 cities to find a job by CNBC.

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