Workiva Customers Extol the Power of Wdata at Amplify User Conference

September 10, 2019

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Workiva (NYSE:WK), provider of the world’s leading connected reporting and compliance platform, today hosted a panel and conference sessions with customers from the City of Missoula, Montana, and other organizations who extolled how Wdata has completely transformed their data orchestration and reporting processes. The customer panel and sessions were part of the Workiva Amplify user conference that began here yesterday and runs until Thursday.

Wdata is a Workiva platform component that enables customers to connect and orchestrate data from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other third-party systems and applications to improve data collaboration, ensure accuracy and automate downstream reports and analyses.

Wdata Connects and Automates Data Retrieval

“Before Wdata, we had to copy and paste 50,000 to 60,000 lines of data. Our previous reports had to be hand checked by all of our departments against the information in our general ledger and management reports,” said Scott Paasch, Financial Reporting Supervisor for the City of Missoula. “It was so time-consuming, and the risk of making a mistake was always there.”

“With Wdata, we set up our own API that automatically pulls information from our source systems every night,” added Paasch. “So when I get to the office in the morning, instead of spending 40 minutes each day pulling in numbers, all of the information I need is right in front of me. I’ve created several templates for structured management reports, and I just connect the sheets and they auto-populate in the Workiva platform.”

“Workiva is Fast and Flexible”

Workiva offers flexible solutions for configuring workflow and sharing data and files, which removes the risk of human error associated with outdated, legacy processes.

“Workiva is fast and flexible, and it gives us that extra level of comfort for our analysts and auditors so then they can focus on real questions as opposed to trying to figure out if the data entered is reliable,” said Paasch. “We don’t worry about data integrity anymore, and our analysts have more confidence in what they are reporting.”

Better Data and Quicker Decisions

“With Workiva, our data is stored in a central repository where we can quickly access it and produce reports faster,” said Paasch. “As we move more processes to Workiva and link other source systems into Wdata, I foresee being able to get more complete information into the hands of decision-makers much faster.”

“Workiva allows me to make quicker decisions about my budget because now I have of my data in front of me in real time,” he added. “Wdata has delivered and then some. We’ve created a very dynamic tool that is creating efficiencies that make us very happy.”

About Workiva Amplify

Workiva Amplify is the annual Workiva user conference. In 2019, it expects to bring together over 2,000 accounting, finance and compliance professionals; industry leaders and Workiva experts. The four-day conference provides training and professional development, continuing education credits, best practices and networking.

About Workiva

Workiva, provider of the world’s leading connected reporting and compliance platform, is used by thousands of enterprises across 180 countries, including more than 75 percent of Fortune 500® companies, and by government agencies. Our customers have linked over five billion data elements to trust their data, reduce risk and save time. For more information about Workiva (NYSE:WK), please visit

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