Workiva and Zendesk to present on the Virtual Workforce

May 1, 2020

This webinar in the TAI webinar series titled, Knowledgebase, Self-Service and Building a Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak, will feature a panel of speakers from Zendesk and Workiva.

“How critical is it to plug into a support solution during COVID-19? The short answer is – very. And the support your customers seek doesn’t always have to come from your team – learn how you can build a place where they can connect and collaborate with each other. Building an online community is a great way to allow your customers to connect and collaborate as well as help your team scale its support with self-service to benefit your business. The customer experience is more critical than ever to maintain your brand and in this session you’ll hear how Zendesk is helping customers help themselves during these challenging times. Plus you’ll see firsthand how Workiva is harnessing Zendesk to let users help and inspire one another.”


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