11 Companies Currently Expanding their Engineering Orgs

May 24, 2021

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No day is the same for software engineers at a growing tech company. One day they could be leveraging React and GraphQL to develop customer experiences on the front end. The next day, they’re delivering information to the user with Postgres and DynamoDB. And the day after that? They’re using Google Cloud Platform with a Firestone-managed database to create consistency between the front and back end. 

While it may seem hectic to those who aren’t well-versed in engineering tech stacks, this type of variety is actually what some engineers prefer. “My favorite thing about our tech stack is that there are multiple opportunities to learn new and exciting technologies as well as tried and true ones,” Erin Hinson, a senior front-end engineer, said. 


Workiva Software Engineer, Taylor Sperry shares her thoughts below:

What they do: Workiva created a reporting compliance platform that enables the use of connected data and automation of reporting across finance, accounting, risk and compliance. 

Workiva’s tech stack: “I’m on a full stack team at Workiva, which means we leverage a wide variety of languages, libraries and tools in our tech stack,” Sperry said. “We write in Dart on the frontend, and use React Redux and Flux and CodeceptJS for functional tests. On the backend, we use Kotlin and Python. Our continuous integration uses Docker and Skynet to handle builds and testing, and then we have a bot named Rosie who runs our automated release process.”

Restructuring code patterns: “We’ve added a few new engineers to the team since the beginning of the year, so it’s been really exciting to feel the extra momentum behind goals we’ve been pushing toward for a while. Our team focuses on two different solutions within the Workiva platform. We’re working to streamline both experiences to make users’ workflows more intuitive, easier to manage and increasingly customizable. It’s been a challenge to restructure some of our code patterns across multiple repos to accommodate uniformity and flexibility, but it’s satisfying to watch it translate into demonstrable value for our customers (while minimizing future maintenance and bespoke support work).”

Experimental features: “Every year, all of R&D gets together to work on special projects across teams and to jam on areas of interest or experimental features that we might not be able to focus on during our regular sprint cycles. It’s fun to shake things up and I’m always astonished by the creativity and ingenuity in what my colleagues are able to deliver in such a short period of time.”


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